Alpaca History


Alpacas, native to South America, are world famous for their luxurious fleece. Alpacas were bred for 5,000 years in the Andes Mountains by indigent tribes. Those tribes were conquered by the Incas and now we associate the Alpaca with the Inca civilization.

The Inca thought alpacas to be God's number one gift to man. Only royalty in the Incan tribe were allowed to wear the highest grade alpaca fiber clothing. Anyone else caught doing so was put to death.

Alpaca fiber was used as the currency of the Inca and considered so valuable it was stored in vaults under constant guard.

The fiber made life possible for these people living so high in the Andes Mountains (14,000 - 16,000 feet) freezing 320 nights a year and temperatures climbing to 80 degrees the following day.

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Fun and Interesting Facts


Did you know....

- Alpaca fiber is 3 times warmer than   sheep wool and twice as cool as cotton

- The fiber is stronger, warmer, 1/3 the   weight of wool, hypo-allergenic, and   extremely soft

- The fiber ranges in color from black,   grey and fawn to white...and everything   inbetween

- Alpacas have very long memories. If they learn to trust you   they will always trust you

- They are very docile animals and children friendly

- Baby alpacas are called 'crias'

- Each alpaca has its own tempermant - just like us

- They will stay in family units and have a set group of alpaca   friends

- Shearing can yield 5 - 10 lbs of fiber per alpaca

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